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Heart Montessori was founded in 2012 by Georgina Hood. The consultancy grew out of the experience and knowledge that Georgina gained over two decades of research and practice in Montessori settings.

In addition to creating a family of Montessori nurseries, Georgina innovated her offerings with specialised services for children from birth to 11 years including infant programmes, creative workshops for young children, parenting courses and many other projects. She has become a celebrated educationalist, known and respected in several geographies and fields of education and parenting. Georgina distinctively and consistently focuses on the human value of each child as an individual. Her child-centred approach achieves an ideal balance between the academic, social and the psychological development of the child.

More broadly, Georgina is an envoy of change and a groundbreaking educational pioneer. She is the London Regional Chair of the Montessori Schools Association, the Founder and Principal of Paint Pots Montessori Schools, an international lecturer in early years education, a highly-trained and experienced teacher in her own right, and mother to four children. Whenever working with children, parents and teachers, she leaves an imprint of care and creativity on everyone.

Georgina’s Paint Pots Montessori Schools launched in 1988 with creative classes for children as young as 6 months. Her Paint Pots Montessori Nursery Schools across London are all fully-accredited with the Montessori community and the UK Department for Education. Georgina’s Picasso House Prep School gives children the opportunity to continue their Montessori education beyond the age of 5.

Georgina gives regular workshops and training sessions for teachers and parents, both in the UK and abroad. These often focus on using creative development to empower parenting. There are classes as well as private sessions to address deep parenting issues.

She is also the joint founder and trustee of the Kipungani Schools Trust, based in Kenya. The Trust’s 16 schools now have places for 14,000 children. The Trust currently employs 32 full-time primary school teachers and sponsors 100 children through secondary school. In addition, the Trust has achieved great social impact around the world, establishing a successful school for disabled children called El Shadai; constructing a Koran study class for Muslim children at Azhar, Peketoni; building a small polytechnic at Adu; and setting up another much larger one at Marikebuni.

Heart Montessori incorporates a hand-picked team of education professionals and other outstanding consulting associates who are recognized as experts in their respective specialist fields. All have a shared passion for making a sustainable positive impact on children’s educational opportunities and realities.

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